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Miklos Tomka

Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Managing Partner

Miklos Tomka

Miklos is a serial entrepreneur with a track record to take companies to market leadership. Born and raised in Hungary by a Hungarian father and a German mother, Miklos worked in several countries from Hungary to Germany, France, UK, and Canada.

During his career Miklos helped numerous companies to enter new markets - in some cases taking them from entry to market leadership (for example Brother International in Hungary). He worked in some cases as a consultant but mainly as a hands on general manager - in several industries. His deepest experience is in technology (hardware, software, big data) and healthcare areas, but he has also worked in retail, FMCG, transportation, telecommunications and more. 

Miklos started formally helping companies to enter new markets in 1995 with the founding of Fairholme International. At Fairholme he advised companies from Israel, Germany or France about entry or growth in Canada (or North America). In 2018 Miklos decided to take his passion for helping companies to expand internationally to the next level: that was when Go Global Advisors was born.

Miklos is also on the advisory board of several small and medium sized companies.



Miklos, was trained not only by INSEAD - where he earned his MBA in ‘97 - but also by  Bain and Company where he worked after his time in Fontainebleau. Before being admitted to INSEAD he earned a  Diploma in International business in Budapest, Hungary. After INSEAD Miklos participated in several Executive Courses from Financial Management (Air Liquide University) to Leadership Development (Niagara Institute).

Location / Geographic Focus

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Canada, US, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux


German, French, English, Hungarian